Optimal 09C

For orthodontics and Surgery

Our new model, the Optimal 09 C, is a great option even for most demanding customers. It’s a great choice for any orthodontic or surgical clinic.

The chair comes with 7 memory positions which can be set even for patients with height exceeding 200cm (6′5″). Rotary cuspidor comes in the same color as the upholstery of the unit.

Electromechanically powered chair

The Electromechanically powered chair comes with 4 programmable and 3 default positions, an adjustable headrest with safety detent. The power box, pantographic arm of the dentist’s table, operating lamp, and cuspidor block are all attached to the base of the chair, to ensure easy access and maximal comfort of the dentist and patients.

Made out of hardened mineral glass, the cuspidor block comes in variety of colors and is scratch-resistant. Pantographic arm of lamp can be equipped with LCD screen and tray tables.

We provide the option for an amalgam separator.

Wheeled cart

The dentist’s table is attached to an external wheeled cart with adjustable height. It can be equipped with up to 6 instruments. It comes with 3-function syringe, turbine hand pieces Midwest with light, and micro-motor with light.

Optional equipment includes- second micro-motor with light or turbine, ultrasonic scaler with light, and polymerization lamp.

The Assistant's table

The Assistant’s table includes a simple foil keyboard for controlling the chair, programming the bowl rinsing and glass filling, as well as a 3-function syringe and suction hose.

Optional equipment includes- high volume (HVE) and low volume suction hoses, polymerization lamp, and intraoral camera. Suction hose jets are removable for disinfection or sterilization purposes.


The Multifunctional foot-control (VFC) allows you to easily regulate the speed of the micro-motor and the intensity of the ultrasonic scaler.

The Optimal 09 C unit can carry an LCD monitor with intraoral camera.

Additional options include

  • water heater
  • LED x-ray viewer
  • right-side tilting arm-rest
  • multifunctional foot-control with 2 pedals
  • comfortable upholstery with memory foam filling
  • protective pad for the seat
  • additional memory foam pillow

Technical informations

  • Supply voltage: 230 V (±10 %)
  • Network Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • LED lamp: 17 V / 30 W / min. 40 000 Lx
  • Maximum power at 230 V / 50 Hz: 250 VА
  • Type of protection against electric shock: device protection class I
  • Degree of protection against electric shock: of the attachment type B
  • Classification according to MDD93 / 42 EEC: without measuring function / non-sterile
  • Kit weight: 155 kg (± 5 %)
  • Maximum capacity of the table tray: 2 kg
  • Maximum chair load: 200 kg
  • Nominal water inlet pressure: 0.3 – 0.6 MPa
  • Nominal air inlet pressure: 0.45 – 0.8 МPа

Optional colors